Atria Book Publishing

Atria Book Publishing publishes a wide range of nonfiction and fiction for readers of all tastes, interests, and walks of life. The name Atria reflects the publishers mission:  to provide an environment where authors and their books can flourish and readers can grow in knowledge or soar in their wildest imagination; to provide a venue for touching hearts even as the atria provides a venue for life-giving blood entering the human heart; to connect authors with their readers in the way the ancient city of Atria long ago connected with the sea; and as a house that is open to new ideas as an atrium is open to the vast sky above us.

Atria is the publishing home to many major authors. Authors may vary significantly, ranging from fiction writers to nonfiction writers, from well known authors to new authors; and from scientists to historians. You can expect top quality when purchasing from Atria which offers the best in the publishing industry. Atria is a traditional publisher that will not accept manuscripts with objectionable material, low quality material or manuscripts that violate the standard ABP policies. ABP produces the best in education and entertainment with books available in over 60,000 stores, libraries, and schools around the world including, Barnes & Noble, and others spread across four continents. ABP provides one of the most extensive global distribution system available anywhere, providing it’s books throughout the world where many other publishers are unable to reach. Atria covers a broad spectrum from educational curriculum for schools and colleges to riveting mystery and romance novels . ABP can extend the reach of other publishing companies by forming an exclusive partnership with ABP. The Publishing Partnership program allows outside publishing companies to become a Publishing Partner with ABP.

ABP is the innovative new force among traditional publishers that is revolutionizing the industry. Educating and entertaining the world—Atria. Why settle for less?


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